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Remax Regency

Established in 2008, RE/ MAX Regency has grown into one of the most successful RE/MAX offices in Australia, consistently placing in the top 2 RE/MAX agencies for Australia & New Zealand. Over the last two years we have been awarded #1 RE/MAX in Australia and New Zealand, as well as 2014 Global Broker owner of the year out of 6500 offices worldwide. These results have come from the dedicated efforts of our dynamic team who live the "customer is king" philosophy and are not willing to compromise on their integrity or professional service.

RE/MAX Regency has two agency Principals that each focus on separate facets of the business. Murray Carter has a passion for sales, focusing on this side of the business, while Justin Miller is focused solely on property management. Both directors strive to provide the best service possible to RE/MAX Regency Clients and customers and regularly set benchmark levels of service and performance for RE/MAX Regency as an agency.

As two of the youngest agency owners on the Gold Coast, Justin and Murray are continuously striving to raise those benchmarks in order to provide an ever improving customer experience helping to cement strong relationships with everyone they do business with. In order to make their vision achievable they have surrounded themselves with a team of likeminded sales associates, property managers and administrative staff who collectively know that the only way to create success is to understand that they are in the business of helping people. At RE/MAX Regency, we believe that the more we communicate and engage with you, our client, the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what we should be doing to serve you better.

Backed by RE/MAX International, the largest Real Estate Network in the world, the professional team at RE/MAX Regency is able to offer you access to industry leading tools and strategies. Our state of the art Property Management systems & tools allow our team to provide landlords peace of mind giving them more time and less hassle. All these tools allow us to provide our clients and customers an honest, transparent, committed and professional service that will help them to achieve their real estate goals.


Securing Your Next Property

Securing Your Next Property

How to Put Your Best Foot Forward and Secure a Rental Property


As median rents continue to climb, competition inevitably grows, increasing the need for prospective tenants to stay in the know and maximise your chances of securing a rental property.


There are a number of documents which are usually required to accompany your rental application. Prior to commencing your search for a rental property you should collate these relevant documents in preparation for when you need to submit an application. This will further improve your chances of securing the property and ensure you are fully prepared to attend inspections.



Important Documentation

Reference letters – any reference letters you may have had from past landlords and employers. This will establish your employment and rental history and may assure the landlord that you are genuine and trustworthy.

Pay slips – proof of employment, your previous pay slips and bank statements will demonstrate you are financially able to rent the property.

Pet references – if you have a pet, it is advised to include a pet reference from your past or current landlord; stating the condition of the property upon vacation and disturbance level from your pet whilst you were living there.

Photo identification – this, in the form of a driver’s licence or even a passport, confirms you are who you say you are.

Deposit / rental ledger – this document provides a summary of your payment history for a previous rental property. Created by your previous agent, this document is highly regarded and therefore should be on the top of your priority list.

Cover letter – you may even wish to include a cover letter with your application form, reinforcing the reasons why your application should be considered by the agency / landlord. This extra effort will demonstrate a type of professionalism which will surely stand out from the crowd.

Ensure all applicants / housemates have also collated the above documentation. If you are the only one who comes prepared to the inspection, this will slow down your application submission and may result in missing out on securing the property.


Scheduling & Attending Inspections

Scheduling an Inspection

Once you have found a property of interest, the first step is to book your attendance at the inspection by using the online booking system.

2. Register to join an existing inspection
3. If there is no time offered, please register so we can contact you once a time is arranged
4. If you do not register, we cannot notify you of any time changes, cancellations or further inspection times


As the rental market is extremely competitive, download an application form (link attached) in order to fill it in beforehand and submit it on the day of the inspection. Alternatively, be prepared with all the required information to fill it in on the spot, in the case you are interested in applying. Ensure your application form is thorough, fully completed and neat.


Attending the Inspection

When attending inspections, be sure to make a good first impression. Introduce yourself and be polite, friendly and enthusiastic. This, along with your neat, tidy and presentable appearance, will help you stand out and be remembered when agents / landlords are looking through all the applications.

When you are viewing the property, treat it and its belongings with respect. By doing this, the real estate agent will get a preview of how you may act if you lived there. Likewise, if you show your enthusiasm and state why you like the place, it may showcase what kind of tenant you might be; eager and likely to sign a long lease.

If you are happy with the property and your application is ready for submission, it is important to be prepared to pay the first two week's rent and a bond should you be successful.


When Will I Know If I Am Approved?

When the FULLY COMPLETED Application Form (incl. required ID points) has been received, it will be processed by a member of our staff and they will check all references supplied. When this process is complete your Application, along with any other completed applications for the same property will be submitted to the owner of that property for his / her approval. You will then be contacted by a member of our team and advised of the outcome. This process normally takes 48 hours.

Please note: if information is missing from your application or your references cannot be contacted this process will be delayed.


Successful Applicants - Securing the Property

Successful Applicants - Securing the Property

Successful Applicants

Once you have been notified that your Application is successful, you will be emailed a copy of the proposed tenancy agreement and any special terms and conditions surrounding the tenancy.  Within 24 hours, you must notify our office of your intention to proceed and will then be required to pay the first two weeks rent via credit card, bank cheque or money order ONLY (Cash will not be accepted).

At any time prior to the first two weeks rent being paid, the offer to rent the property may be withdrawn.   The property will also remain advertised until a successful applicant secures the property by paying the first two weeks rent.  

On notification that your Application is successful, a sign up appointment will be scheduled within 48 hours and you will be required to sign the agreement along with any special terms and conditions.

All adults named on the lease MUST attend the sign-up appointment.

At this time the bond can be paid (credit card, money order or bank cheque ONLY).  The bond must be received in cleared funds prior to collecting the keys.

The sign up appointment is a very important process and will reflect how the entire tenancy is conducted. Please allow at least 45 minutes for this process.

Items to be discussed at the Sign-Up Appointment:

  1. Rental Payments
  2. Office Procedures
  3. Utility Connections
  4. The Entry Condition Report
  5. Property Maintenance
  6. Property Inspections
  7. Tenancy term and Renewal Options
  8. Any other questions you may have


Electricity/Utility Connection

Electricity/Utility Connection

Moving doesn’t need to be a stressful or time-consuming experience, but with numerous things to organise it can seem daunting.

To assist you with this process, we have partnered with Direct Connect to help and assist you (in one phone call) to:

  • Connect/Disconnect Electricity/Gas
  • Connect Pay TV
  • Connect Internet
  • Arrange Contents Insurance
  • Arrange Removalist

Direct Connect has partnered with a range of market leading suppliers so they are able to provide flexible electricity options to suit your needs.

When you choose to connect your electricity with one of Direct Connects preferred suppliers you will also be covered by their Always On Guarantee, to give you peace of mind that your connections will be ready on the day you move in. Their preferred suppliers also offer a 'no contract' electricity connection that gives you flexibility when organising your connection.

Direct Connect is completely "FREE OF CHARGE" as they are paid by the suppliers.

When applying for your property through RE/MAX Regency select this option on your application form and avoid those numerous phone calls and suppliers keeping you on hold for hours on end.


General Tenancy Agreement

General Tenancy Agreement

A general tenancy agreement outlines the legal rights and responsibilities of a tenant and property manager/owner. Special terms can be added if the property manager/owner and tenant agree.

The General tenancy agreement (Form 18a) is for tenants renting houses, townhouses, units and houseboats.

The person renting the accommodation is known as the tenant and the person providing the property is the property owner/landlord or a property manager/agent.

Fast facts

  • It is a legally binding contract (also known as a lease).
  • It must be in writing.
  • It must include the standard terms and can include special terms (e.g. keeping pets, pest control, water charging, carpet cleaning or pool maintenance).
  • It should be written in a clear way.
  • The property owner/landlord must pay for the cost of preparing the agreement.
  • The tenant must sign the agreement and return it to the property manager/owner within 5 days. Tenants should be sent back a copy within 14 days of the property manager/owner receiving the original copy.
  • It applies to everyone renting the property (e.g. includes those in share homes or co-tenancies).
  • The property manager/owner has a right to know of everyone who is living at the property. The property manager/owner needs to be notified of and give permission for any new tenants or sub-tenants before they can move in.
  • The property manager/owner must keep a copy of the tenancy agreement for one year after the agreement ends




Entry Condition Report

Entry Condition Report

At the commencement of the tenancy you will be provided with an Entry Condition Report detailing and recording the condition of the premises.

Supporting 3D "Matterport" Scan & Photographs

Accompanying the Entry Condition Report will be several photographs and a link to the online 3D Matterport model which provides an accurate 3D interactive tour of the property highlighting the condition as it is referenced in the Entry Condition Report.  This 3D model should be viewed in conjunction with the entry report, and referenced both before, during and after the tenancy (during the vacate process).  Whilst the entry report can be subjective detailing only that which is noticed at the beginning of the tenancy, the 3D scan is an actual snapshot of the entirety of the property negating any issues that may arise regarding the condition of the property at the beginning of the tenancy.

Tenants are encouraged to view the Matterport 3D scan when reporting on the entry condition, when reporting any maintenance and when vacating the property to ensure the property is left in the same condition as at the beginning of the tenancy.

After viewing the 3D Scan, completing the "Tenant's Comments" section and signing the form, you must return it to our agency within 3 days.

If we do not receive the Entry Condition Report within 3 days, the entry report with only agents comments will form the completed entry report.

Please note:  Any comments provided after the 3 days will not be taken into consideration at the conclusion of the tenancy during the vacate process.



Paying your Rent

Paying your Rent

Rent can be paid via direct deposit to the nominated account, and using the reference number provided on your Tenancy Agreement.  Each tenant will also be given a "Tenant Card" with this and other important information for your reference.

We encourage tenants to start paying rent the week after moving in to the property.  For example, if you move in on the 1st of the month, your rent should be paid on the 8th (and then weekly after this).  If you decide to pay fortnightly, then you would pay 2 weeks rent a week after moving in, and then fortnightly after this.

Rent is due on or before the due date (the date you have paid rent up to) and it is always the tenants responsibiity to pay rent in advance.  

Late Payments

Should there be an issue or unforseen reason why you are unable to meet this obligation, you must contact your Property Manager immediately.

If you fail to pay by the "due-date" and contact has not been made, our agency will expend every avenue, including communication via sms, email, telephone (numbers provided) notification to advise you that rent has not been received.

There are strict legislative guidelines that must be followed should your rent fall behind.  Unfortunately, whilst we can understand that situations can occur causing financial stress, we have an obligation to follow the legislative procedures in recovery of rental arrears.  This may include formal breach notices and in extreme cases, a formal notice to leave and tribunal action.

Please remember, our lessors have financial commitments to meet and they rely on rent being paid on time.



During the tenancy

During the tenancy

During a tenancy, the tenant or resident should be aware of certain rules and guidelines which will help avoid problems as well as understanding procedures around the use of fixtures and inclusions, and what happens during routine inspections.

These include:

  • Fixtures and inclusions
  • Quiet enjoyment
  • Routine inspections 


It is also expected that the property be kept reasonably clean and this is also a tenancy agreement requirement.

Pay particular attention to:


  • Walls, switches, power points, skirtings, doors and doorways – please keep these free from marks and dirty finger marks.
  • Cobwebs/dusting – please remove cobwebs to windows, walls and ceilings. Keep vents dusted. Light fittings and ceiling fans – keep them dusted regularly.
  •  Curtains/blinds – keep these cleaned, dusted and also (if suitable) machine or dry clean curtains and netting on an annual basis.
  • Windows/sills/window tracks and flyscreens – keep regularly cleaned and dusted. Please note most modern windows are easily removed from their tracks by lifting the sliding window up at the bottom and pulling this out for easy cleaning.
  • Floors – please keep regularly swept and mopped. Floors in the kitchen and wet areas may need to be scrubbed to keep surfaces, tiles and grouting looking clean.
  • Ventilation – please ensure that all rooms are kept adequately ventilated to avoid problems associated with condensation, causing mould and possible health problems.
  • Wet areas, bathroom, toilet and laundry grouting/tiles – please ensure all tiles are kept free from grime, soap scum and mould.  Shower screens can pit easily if soap scum is not removed reguarly - this permanent damage will become a tenants responsibility to rectify if it is proven to have happened throughout the tenancy.



Routine Inspections

Routine Inspections

Our property managers will carry out regular routine inspections on the property to ascertain the condition of the property and any necessary maintenance requirements. (Written notice will be posted to you on all occasions).

Along with the notification of inspection, you will receive a form to complete, detailing issues that may be present at the property.  Please complete this form and, if you will not be present at the inspection, please leave it on the kitchen bench for collection.

On most occassions the inspection will last between 15 - 20 minutes and, if you are not present for the inspection, a card will be left by the inspector as an indication that the inspection has been completed.

It is our company policy that photographs are taken to enhance the reporting process, assisting the owner to assess the condition of carpets, walls, fixtures and fittings. We also carry out periodic drive by inspections to further ensure the property is being kept in good condition. The Routine Inspections provide an opportunity for you to point out any issues or maintenance that you think may be necessary.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we are unable to change the date or time of a routine inspection.


Routine inspection guide – what we look out for at inspections

Inside the property

□ Walls/light switches/doorways and doors are clean from marks.
□ The carpets are clean and stain free.
□ The windows and screens are clean.
□ The kitchen area clean and oven/stove top is free of burnt on food and carbon staining.
□ Shower, bathroom and toilet, laundry and all tiling is clean.
□ Plumbing – taps, washers, hoses (including washing machine) are serviceable.
□ All areas and rooms are fully accessible (not locked).

Outside the property

□ The lawns are freshly cut/edged and maintained.
□ Gardens tidy and presentable/weeds removed.
□ Rubbish/lawn clippings removed.
□ No unregistered car bodies on the property.
□ Oil stains removed to carports, garages and driveways.
□ All areas, garages, store rooms etc are all accessible.
□ Swimming pool/spa – water and sides/bottom are clean.
□ Evidence of structural changes.

If you have an approved pet

□ Any droppings are picked up and removed.
□ Any pet damage or rubbish scattered is repaired and cleaned up.
□ Ensure all/any dogs are properly restrained for the inspection.




At all times a tenant's first contact, to organise any maintenance or repairs must be to your property manager.

This can be done through a Smart Phone Application called "Tenant Maintenance Reporting for Maintenance Manager" or it can be done through the Remax Regency Website (link below).

General maintenance and/or repairs, once reported, are referred to the owner for approval and then organised within 24 - 48 hours.  In most cases, general repairs are completed within 7 days, however on occasion the availability of materials/supplies or a specific trade or industry may delay the process.  You can track the progress of the repair through the Maintenance Manager application and notifications on progress are sent directly to you via email.

If work is carried out at the premises by a tradesperson, it is usually the tenant's responsibility to contact the Agent to advise that the work has been completed - you can also do this through the Maintenance Manager "App". If a tradesman is required to attend the property and a suitable time has been agreed between the tenant and the tradesman and the tenant is not home, there may be a charge to the tenant for the standard service call in attending the property.


Emergency Repairs

If a genuine emergency problem occurs outside of the office hours (i.e. Saturday Afternoon, Sunday or after 5.00PM Monday to Friday) please contact our RE/MAX after hours emergency number.  If there is no response please contact the necessary tradesperson as follows:

Remax After Hours - 0457637955

Plumber: Capital Plumbing - 55284449 or Bri-Lee Plumbing - 0418762349
Electrician: Todd Fowler (Electrical GC) – 0412752914 or State Emergency Service - 132500
Locksmith: Australian Lockmasters - 0417 726484
Glass replacement: ASAP Glass - 0419841104 
Garage Door: All Coast Garage Doors - 0412 720 296


When is a tenant responsible for the cost of a repair?

If a request for repair is submitted to our office and in the tradespersons opinion, it is caused by tenant neglect, the tenant acknowledges that they are responsible for the payment of the account. For example, power failure due to one of your faulty appliances, a foreign object blocking toilets or garbage disposal units.


Change of Shared Tenancy

If you enter into a Tenancy Agreement with another person all tenants are legally and equally responsible for the tenancy.

If, during the tenancy, one of the tenants wishes to leave, the remaining tenant/s must establish that they can continue the tenancy.  In ascertaining this, the remaining tenant/s may be asked for updated information on employment and income.   If the remaining tenant/s cannot meet the affordability criteria the situation will need to be discussed with the property manager to establish other options.

If there is another prospective tenant wishing to occupy the property (effectively replacing the outgoing tenant), this person must complete an application form, and be approved by the owner of the property, prior to being allowed to reside at the property and being added to the Tenancy Agreement.

It is important to note that in any "Change of Shared Tenancy" the bond must be altered to reflect the people who actually reside at the property.

Any new tenant, added to the Tenancy Agreement, will receive a copy of the original Entry Condition Report and will be asked to sign acknowledging the condition of the premises at the commencement of the tenancy and further accepting responsibility for the condition of the premises at the conclusion of the tenancy.

For more information on what to do during your tenancy please refer to the Web-book link below:


Breaking Your Lease

Breaking Your Lease

The General Tenancies Agreement is a legally binding document.  However, we can assist you, should the stiuation arise, where you need to break your tenancy agreement.

  • In a "Break-of-Lease" situation, the tenant is responsible for all rental payments and the property's condition until the tenancy commencement date of approved replacement tenants or until the end of our current tenancy agreement (whichever comes first).
  • The tenant must pay for reasonable reletting fees being equal to the first weeks rent plus GST upon acceptance of the Break-Lease documents (link below).
  • The tenant must also pay for all advertising costs expended by the office in the process of securing a new tenant.  This may include professional photographs and online marketing.

To commence this process, the Break-of-Lease forms need to be completed, and the associated costs paid, prior to the commencement of advertising.  

According to statistics supplied by, we are one of the most successful agents on the Gold Coast when it comes to renting property and securing suitable tenants.  We will do everything we can to mitigate your loss in situations such as this, however, please be aware; not all tenants are suitable for the property and the owner reserves the right to only place a tenant that can demonstrate that they can afford to pay the rent and keep the property in good condition.


Vacating the Property

Vacating the Property

What can you expect leading up to the End of the Fixed Term Tenancy?

Approximately 6 - 10 weeks from the end of your tenancy agreement you will be sent notification, giving you the option to either renew the tenancy agreement or a notification to vacate the premises, depending upon the instruction received from the owner of the property.  You will be given 14 days to choose from the following options:

  1. Renew the tenancy agreement under the terms suggested
  2. Issue notification to vacate the premises at the end of the tenancy
  3. Discuss the renewal with your Property Manager if there are terms that require clarification


What happens next?... The "Express Check-Out"Appointment

On receipt or issue of the RTA Form 12 (Notice to Leave) or RTA Form 13 (Notice of Intention to Leave) we will send an email confirmation detailing important information surrounding the Vacate Procedure.

Your Property Manager will contact you to organise a "Sign-Out" appointment, where they will step you through the process of vacating.  The Property Manager's goal is to refund 100% of your bond to you at the conclusion of the process.  95% of tenants who attend the Sign-Out Appointments receive full bond refunds.  Your Property Manager will discuss any areas to pay particular attention to and will be able to recommend professional cleaners, carpet cleaners, pest controllers and other essential services to assist you at this busy time.


Tips to Getting your Bond Quickly

  1. Review the Entry Condition Report and 3D Matterport scan (if available) to familiarise yourself with the condition of the property at the commencement of the tenancy.
  2. Book your Cleaners, Gardners, Carpet Cleaners and Pest Control Tradespeople early, to avoid missing out on the day you require their services.  
  3. By booking recommended tradespeople you can minimise your involvement once you hand in your keys, as your Property Manager can liaise directly with the recommended tradespeople, should they have any issues.
  4. Check the keys you have with the key sheet issued to you at the commencement of the tenancy to ensure you have all the keys required to be returned.  If you do not have a copy of this, please feel free to contact our office and one of our team members will be happy to provide this to you.
  5. If you are able, check your water meter reading.  This will give you an indication (based on your last invoice) of how much water you have consumed and may be responsible for paying when vacating.  Please note: the Gold Coast City Council always bills water in arrears.  This means that there could be up to 4 months water owed depending upon when the meter was last read and you received the last invoice.
  6. Know when your keys need to be handed in to avoid any additional rent charges.
  7. Confirm your vacate inspection (or when the property manager will be conducting the vacate) so you are aware of the time frame you may have to rectify any issues (if necessary).
  8. Complete your Exit Report detailing any differences in condition that may have occured during your tenancy.
  9. Make sure you fully complete the Vacate Key Return Envelope including your bank account details so that the bond can be returned to you as quickly as possible.
  10. Don't forget your forwarding address just incase any items are sent to the property by accident.


What Happens After Keys are Handed In?

Your property manager will complete the vacate inspection within 3 business days of key return.  More often than not, and especially if professional tradespeople have been employed, you will receive confirmation within hours confirming your refund of rental bond.  If there are any items that may have been overlooked, you will be given an opportunity and timeframe to rectify these items.  Depending upon the situation, this timeframe could be limited, therefore it is important to ensure you have the time available surrounding the vacate inspection should any rectification be required.  


What happens if there is a dispute?

If you do not agree with the Property Manager your bond will be held by the RTA until a conciliation can be undertaken. Please note, this can take up to 6 weeks depending upon the scheduling by the RTA.  It is very important to note that unless the disputed item is detailed on either the Entry Condition Report or can be seen on the 3D scan it will be difficult to prove that the item was pre-existing in either a concilliation or tribunal hearing.


Looking to Buy?

Looking to Buy?

Many people who rent property through our agency intend to buy property to either live in, or as an investment, sometime in the future.  With one of the largest sales groups on the Gold Coast, our agency can assist you to find that "perfect property".

Below you will find a link to properties we currently have listed for sale, however, quite often the perfect property for you has not yet been listed.  By working with one of our experienced sales professionals, we may be able to find that property for you giving you a jump on the rest of the competition.

We also have a number of specialists and experts in the fields of finance, conveyancing, building and pest as well as investment strategy.    

Talk to your property manager today if you are interested in taking that next step towards owning or investing in your next property.



Meet our team

Meet our team

Justin Miller (Principal)

Justin Miller, Co-Owner and Property Management Director, heads up the property management division at RE/MAX Regency. In 2013, he became one of the first to graduate from Bond University with a Masters of Real Estate, adding to his two other Masters degrees in Construction Practice and Building Surveying. With a professional background in property development, commercial construction & property management, Justin has gained invaluable experience across multiple Real Estate facets, such as Property Finance, Land Acquisition, Construction and Property Management.

Justin defines his charter as property management growth and to seal an unquestionable reputation in residential property management. His team’s point of difference is service though strong relationships with landlords and tenants, established as a result of communication and education. Justin and his team are pioneering the evolution of the property management process with the introduction of technologies and processes, unique to the RE/MAX Regency office.


Jackie Hardstaff & Benny O'Loughlin (Property Management Team)

Jackie’s and Benny’s approach to Property Management is detailed, conscientious and very systems orientated with a high importance placed on efficiency and customer service. Jackie, having spent the last six years working with her current portfolio of investors, takes pride in her consistency and ability to understand each property and landlord she works with. Recently joined by Benny, whose enthusiasm and desire for knowledge has lead him to surpass even the most experienced in the industry, together, they constantly receive an array of testimonials from very happy clients.

Jackie and Benny believe that communication is the key to being a great property manager - “We believe our clients have the right to know what is happening with the management of their property at all times. We ensure that they are always kept up to date and their instructions are followed whilst providing them the knowledge of the relevant acts to help them make informed decisions."  This has helped them to form fantastic relationships with long lasting clients, built on knowledge, trust and respect.

Jackie and Ben look forward to taking the best possible care of your investment.


Cushla Symons & Aaron Biles (Property Management Team)

As a Licensed Real Estate agent and Accredited Trainer, Cushla has achieved many levels of excellence throughout her 20+ years' property management career (1994 - current). Having spent much of her career  at the coalface of property management, in 2006 she became a National Property Management Consultant and Trainer assisting and working with other property managers in the industry to achieve excellence. She has written articles for, and edited, The Property Management Journal, as well as spoken at National Property Management Conference events.

Despite the success achieved through this endeavour, Cushla realised that her passion was in working within Property Management Industry, and more specifically, assisting property investors in achieving their investment goals.

 Cushla has attracted a loyal client base who appreciate her integrity and conscientious approach. Cushla is also extremely well regarded by the tenants she works along-side with, taking pride in the ethical and reasonable manner in which she treats people. Whilst many may shy away from the mediation role between property owners and tenants, Cushla welcomes the opportunity to find a better solution for both parties.

Aaron is a great communicator, and his convivial personality makes him a natural property manager. With his professional manner, attention to detail, and ability to confront the daily obstacles inherent in the role, he has built a reputation as a capable and respected asset manager. Clients dealing with Aaron can be assured of his best attention to their needs. Aaron believes that acquiring an investment property is one of the biggest investments a client will make. He sees it as his responsibility to look after their property as if it were his own.

Aaron and Cushla's experience and diligence in working together, to make sure your property is well maintained by tenants, make them invaluable to the Remax Regency team.


Ben Tranter (Leasing)

Being the Leasing Consultant of one of the most successful real estate businesses in Australia, requires an extraordinary capacity for excellent customer service. Ben is dedicated, conscientious, and takes pride in achieving and maintaining one of the lowest vacancy rates in the local area. Ben also takes his role of maximizing inspections seriously, in order to find the best tenants for each and every property that he rents.


Meghan Scicluna & Sammie Richards (Administration Team)

Meg & Sammie’s attention to detail, outstanding customer service skills and efficiency, make them ideally suited to their roles as the Administration Team to our Property Management Department. Each of them have over 5 year’s experience, covering all aspects of property management; Meg & Sammie understand what is required to create a successful property management environment.

Meg ensures all the paperwork and administrative tasks are completed effectively and efficiently, whilst Sammie looks after the financial side of the Property Management Business, ensuring tenants continue to pay their rent in advance and landlords receive their money on time. Collectively, they make it their mission to ensure that our customers and clients receive the best possible service and highest level of communication. The successful management of all administrative tasks give our property management team the confidence and support to manage your property effectively.